Hemi Ahio versus Julius Lloyd Long breakdown

This is a decent tune up for Hemi Ahio and also a potential test if he doesn’t take it seriously. Hemi Ahio is 16-0 and a relatively short heavyweight while Julius Lloyd Long is 18-24-1 but is 7ft 1 and someone that has been awkward for prospects in the past. I think Hemi Ahio willContinue reading “Hemi Ahio versus Julius Lloyd Long breakdown”

Short fight Analysis : Hemi Ahio versus Ali Kiydin

This was a fight fought over 4 rounds between two unbeaten fighters in Kiydin and Ahio. The fight didn’t last past two minutes but I thought it was an interesting one as what looks like a slug fest actually involved two different game plans with both of them having success in such a short amountContinue reading “Short fight Analysis : Hemi Ahio versus Ali Kiydin”