Isaac Chamberlain versus Dilan Prasovic breakdown

This is a decent fight as Chamberlain hasn’t fought anyone of note for two years and Prasovic just fought Lawrence Okolie for a world title albeit in a losing effort. I think Isaac Chamberlain will likely be too powerful for Prasovic who didn’t show much in the Okolie fight. If Chamberlain needs to he canContinue reading “Isaac Chamberlain versus Dilan Prasovic breakdown”

Lawrence Okolie versus Dilan Prasovic breakdown

This isn’t the worst first defence of his title Okolie could have had but it’s still one he should win comfortably. Okolie simply massive for a Cruiserweight and knows how to use his height and reach well. I think Okolie will keep Prasovic at range for a few rounds before landing a big shot andContinue reading “Lawrence Okolie versus Dilan Prasovic breakdown”