Michael Hunter versus Jerry Forrest 2 breakdown

This could be an interesting fight if Hunter underestimates Forrest and thinks this will be an easy nights work. Hunter is the more skilled fighter and already possesses a one sided win over Forrest but that was in 2014. Forrest showed a lot of heart and desire in his last fight and if he can fight at his best versus an unmotivated Michael Hunter then he could win this fight. I don’t think Hunter is the type of fighter to not train properly for fights so I can’t see him being unprepared for this bout.

This will likely look like a repeat of their first fight in 2014 with Hunter taking a wide decision due to his boxing ability and fast hands. A late stoppage is possible but I think Forrest is tough and should win at least one or two rounds so a stoppage for Hunter would be fairly impressive.

Jerry Forrest

If Hunter wins this fight and looks good doing so then I hope he can step up his competition and get a title shot in 2022. He’s 33 and his style isn’t one which translates well as fighters get older in my opinion. The heavyweight division is clogged up and getting a title shot requires either pure luck of being picked out or consistently fighting top competition so that the champions can’t not give you a shot.


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