Giovani Santillan versus Angel Ruiz breakdown

This is a great fight between two rising fighters in the welterweight division. Santillan is 27-0 but has only reached fringe world level in his last few fights. I thought he lost to Antonio DeMarco more than a year ago but has bounced back with an eight round win recently. Angel Ruiz rebounded back from a knockout loss with a good win over Bobirzhan Mominov.

Santillan is a boxer-puncher with decent skills but is there to be hit and has struggled when stepping up in class. Angel Ruiz is more of a puncher than a boxer and similiarly to Santillan isn’t that hard to hit. Ruiz has a lot of heart and clearly has power which could turn a fight at any point. He’s a little raw but he’s only 24 and only really got experience going rounds in his last fight.

Angel Ruiz

I think this fight will be very competitive especially early on. It’ll really depend on if Ruiz can use his size and power early on to make Santillan respect him or if Santillan can stick to his boxing and win a decision. I personally think Ruiz can catch and stop Santillan but it’s one of those fights I wouldn’t be surprised at any outcome.


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