Roman Fress versus Luca D’Ortenzi breakdown

This is another decent opponent for Roman Fress, who is slowly working his way towards a world title shot. Fress is 13-0 with eight knockouts while D’Ortenzi is 15-1 with four knockouts.

Fress is a boxer-puncher and a fighter that I think could potentially win a world title. He’s got power, skills and is still young enough that he doesn’t have to rush and stunt his development. His uppercut’s are especially good and have led him to many of his knockout wins.

Luca D’Ortenzi is a solid domestic Cruiserweight in Italy who would be much more effective if he had decent power. Unfortunately he doesn’t have much power and at Cruiserweight that is almost a must.

Luca D’Ortenzi

I think Roman Fress will win this fight by knockout in the fifth round due to his superior power and technical skills.


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