Samuel Nmomah versus Craig O’Brien breakdown

This should be the most competitive fight on the card in my opinion and a winnable fight for both. Neither of the two are big punchers though Nmomah is growing into a bit of power as he gets older. O’Brien is an underrated boxer with a lot of heart and while hes had stamina issues in the past I think he’s had a full training camp for this fight.

Craig O’Brien

I think the most likely out-come is that Nmomah gets out-boxed for a few rounds before upping the pace and beating O’Brien on points in a decision that people won’t like. It wouldn’t surprise me if O’Brien was able to out-box Nmomah for eight rounds however. The other possibility is that Nmomah stops him late in the fight due to O’Brien gassing out. I’m looking forward to this fight due to its competitiveness.


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