Daniele Scardina versus Juergen Doberstein breakdown

Scardina is a puncher who relies on his power more than his skills. Since stepping up in competition he’s struggled as his power doesn’t trouble his opponents as much. Doberstein is a back foot boxer who has a strange style.

Doberstein defends behind an awkward Philly shell and doesn’t often throw punches especially when his opponent has established a jab. His version of the Philly Shell isn’t hugely effective and he still ends up taking punches that he doesn’t need too. I don’t think Doberstein has any power to make note of and that will hurt him a lot in this fight.

Juergen Doberstein

Scardina is powerful but can be out-boxed as was shown in his last fight where before Cesar Nunez came apart he was losing in my opinion. Nunez couldn’t keep it up for twelve rounds and eventually Scardina got to him but a more durable opponent may have been able to win that night as Scardina looked noticeably flat in my opinion.

I think Daniele Scardina will win by stoppage in eight or nine rounds due to his power and Doberstein’s reluctance to exchange or throw punches when put under pressure.


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