Jovanni Straffon versus Maxi Hughes breakdown

This is an excellent fight between two fighters on good runs of form. Maxi Hughes has revived his career and finally got the big wins he was so close to in the past. Straffon came over to the UK and stopped big punching James Tennyson in the first round.

Jovanni Straffon will come forward and apply pressure while Hughes will attempt to out-box him from the outside. I think Straffon will be able to find Hughes with his punches and it all depends on how well Hughes can take them. If he can take Straffon’s body punches then he could win a decision by out-boxing him. If he can’t then I see this fight going the same way his fight with Sam Bowen did, where he was eventually broken down and stopped.

Maxi Hughes

I personally think the second option is more likely as Straffon is the first puncher Hughes has faced since he started his recent good form. Hughes will do well early on but will get broken down by Straffon’s body work and get stopped in the eight or ninth round.


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