Akeem Ennis Brown versus Sam Maxwell breakdown

This is a good fight between two British super lightweights, the winner will likely look towards fighting for the European title while the loser will have to mount a comeback. Akeem Ennis Brown is 14-0 with one knockout and has an unorthodox style which not many fighters enjoy facing. He doesn’t hit particularly hard in my opinion but makes up for that with his boxing skills which for the most part confuse his opponents. Sam Maxwell is a technically sound boxer-puncher who comes forward behind a decent jab. He’s got power but like a lot of punchers is vulnerable to being knocked down.

Sam Maxwell

These boxers have completely opposite styles and I personally feel we could see a very ugly fight which isn’t great to watch. Brown will be boxing at range while Maxwell will try to push Brown back and land power punches. If it goes the distance it’ll come down to what style the judges prefer as I don’t expect either to dominate or even clearly win the fight. Maxwell has a chance to stop Brown towards the latter stages of the fight but I also think thats unlikely. My prediction for this fight is a messy draw which a lot of people complain about.


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