Dennis Contreras versus Cesar Juarez breakdown

This is a decent fight between two experienced Mexican warriors who both have ten losses but are better than their records suggest. Contreras is on a good run right now with four wins in a row. A few of those wins have been upset wins where he was supposed to lose. If he can win this fight and a few more then he could get into some big fights on TV cards. Cesar Juarez is only 30 but seems to be slightly past his best especially at featherweight. He put on a solid performance against the light punching Jordan Gill but didn’t do enough to win. He had a tune up fight back in Mexico recently, which he won by knockout.

Dennis Contreras is a big puncher who comes forward. He’ll often lose a few early rounds but once he gets his timing starts to dominate with hard power punches. He also catches his opponents when they are punching and puts them down, often ending the fight. Cesar Juarez fights in much the same style and has respectable power himself. He’s got a solid chin though is starting to show some wear and tear as he has been stopped in two of his more recent fights. I think Juarez is best at super bantamweight and as a featherweight is slightly undersized and doesn’t punch as hard as he did at super bantamweight.

Cesar Juarez

I think this fight will be a competitive all out war for six rounds but Contreras’s punching power will make the difference and Juarez will likely be stopped on his feet after being dropped once or twice. I’ve been following Contreras’s comeback run over the last two years and I hope he can continue it on Friday night, a win for Juarez would also be nice too see as he’s a true credit to the sport.


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