Mark Magsayo versus Julio Ceja breakdown

This is a great fight between the unbeaten Mark Magsayo and former WBC Super Bantamweight world champion Julio Ceja. Magsayo has been a professional since 2013 but has moved slowly due to both his age and his need for developmental years to work on his skills. He’s a boxer-puncher who has good left hooks. His hand speed is decent but his footwork gets him into trouble when he stands in front of his opponents for no real reason. I personally think he isn’t as a big of a puncher as people make out, but has some flashy skills. I think his stamina is better than it used to be but its still an issue for him in my opinion.

Julio Ceja is a come forward action fighter with decent power. His chin is fairly reliable however he has been stopped in the past. He works to the body well and is a rare fighter in the modern era as he can fight on the inside well. His defence leaves a lot to be desired, but if you want to hit him you’ll have to take one back for the most part. He has been inactive since 2019 when he put in one of the better performances of his career in a draw with Brandon Figueroa.

Julio Ceja

I think early on this fight will be very competitive, but as the fight goes on, Julio Ceja’s relentless pressure and bodywork will wear Magsayo down. Ceja will win a 8-4 to 9-3 decision due to coming on in the mid and late rounds. I can also see him stopping Magsayo in the second half of the fight. If Ceja is rusty due to his long lay off then I could see Magsayo catching him early and stopping him.


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