Carlos Castro versus Oscar Escandon breakdown

This is a decent fight for Castro who is 26-0 but is only recently getting onto big cards. He’s a talented fighter who looked like a real threat to both super bantamweight and featherweight in his last fight where he dominated the tough Cesar Juarez. He showed a good offensive arsenal in that fight along with powerful body shots which got him the stoppage. Oscar Escandon is 26-5 with four of his losses coming in his last six fights. Three of the losses were to top competition with two of the fighters who beat him currently being world champions. In his last fight he scored a fantastic upset over featherweight prospect Jhack Tepora, a well placed body shot finished the 23-0 Filipino. Escandon is a good fighter but hasn’t fought since 2019 and at 37 is getting towards the end of his career.

Oscar Escandon

I think Carlos Castro will likely stop Escandon in the second half of the fight due to his body work. He’s the bigger fighter and has a huge reach for the weight class as well. Escandon’s level of activity and his age will likely play a factor in this fight as he will be a little more rusty and slower than Castro.


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