Ryan Karl versus Edgar Ramirez breakdown

This is actually a decent comeback opponent for Ryan Karl, Edgar Ramirez may have close to a 50/50 record but he comes to fight and scored an upset win in his last fight versus a once defeated prospect. Ryan Karl’s style also means that opponents will have plenty of opportunities to try and score an upset, Kevin Watts who beat him in 2017 can attest to that.

Edgar Ramirez

It wouldn’t surprise me if Ryan Karl won this fight as he does have some power and isn’t a bad fighter in general but a few factors are making me pick the other way. Edgar Ramirez just scored an upset win so will be confident coming into this fight, Karl is likely overlooking Ramirez and Ramirez holds both a height and reach advantage. I expect Edgar Ramirez to pull off a big upset and beat Ryan Karl by knockout


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