Ryad Merhy versus Zhaoxin Zhang breakdown

This is a decent fight though Zhang is coming in on short notice after Merhy’s original opponent pulled out. Merhy is 29-1 with 24 knockouts while Zhang is 10-1 with six knockouts.

Ryad Merhy isn’t the most active puncher and from what i’ve watched waits a lot for his opponents to punch so he can counter with powerful shots. He does seem to have some power especially with the overhand right. He throws out a lot of jabs but none are especially effective in my opinion. His defence consists of him holding a high guard when hes not punching but he still gets hit a decent amount. This is clearly a tactic to try and get his opponents to punch so he can counter.

Zhang is an entertaining fighter who throws a decent amount of punches and is willing to get into exchanges with anyone. He’s not a massive puncher but is still willing to take one to give one. His hands are very low especially when hes punching which means its not hard to counter or catch him.

I expect Ryad Merhy to win by knockout within three or four rounds due to landing consistently with counters until he lands a combination big enough to stop the tough Zhang.


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