Dave Apolinario versus Charlie Malupangue breakdown

This is a solid fight between rising prospect Apolinario who is 14-0 with nine knockouts and Malupangue who is 9-4-3 with six knockouts.

Dave Apolinario is a prospect i’m fairly high on in the flyweight division due to his age and how good he is already. He’s only 22 but has already built up a solid record of 14 and shown good skills. He’s creative offensively especially with his lead hand which in his case is his right hand. He uses the jab frequently and for a variety of different purposes including setting his punches up, finding his range, damaging jabs and jabs to bait his opponents into countering so he can counter back. He’s willing to get into exchanges if he has an advantage such as when he’s backed his opponents onto the ropes or they are off balance but otherwise has a fairly solid defence. When he pulls out of range he circles out instead of going back in a straight line which is impressive as thats a mistake a lot of fighters make. He has a good lead right hand and counters well with the right hand especially considering hes a southpaw. He’s got reasonable power behind his punches but nothing destructive.

Malupangue is also a southpaw but is very much a take one to give one fighter. He’s fairly tough but is the smaller man in this match up and also doesn’t possess the skill of Apolinario.

I think Malupangue will struggle to get past Apolinario’s jab and will get picked apart at range before being swarmed and stopped on the ropes in the fifth or sixth round. I expect Apolinario to win by knockout and progress onward in his ascent to the top of the flyweight division.


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