Ginjiro Shigeoka versus Toshiki Kawamitsu breakdown

This is an excellent fight between two rising prospects in the minimumweight division with Shigeoka being regarded as a potential future champion by many people in the boxing industry.

Ginjiro Shigeoka is 5-0 with four knockouts and has looked excellent so far in his pro career. He has a good variety of punches with his left hand and counter punches well which seems to be the style hes most comfortable boxing in. His most dangerous weapon in my opinion is his overhand left which seems to have fight ending power behind it. Unfortunately he doesn’t have an active jab and rarely uses the punch though as he improves I expect too see it more as he’s only a young prospect right now. I think he over relies on single punches especially hooks and while he’s accurate with them I think higher level competition will be able to avoid single punches and he’ll need to throw in combination to catch better opponents. While he does have a fairly aggressive style he can use his footwork to box and counter well off the back foot if needed and when he starts to really flow hes great to watch.

Toshiki Kawamitsu is 6-0 with three knockouts and is a mix between a technical boxer and an all out brawler. He hasn’t mastered either style but puts the two together well enough to make him stand out as a noteworthy prospect in Japan. He is bigger than Shigeoka and it’ll be interesting to see if he can take the rising protege’s punches which so many before him haven’t. He isn’t especially hard to hit which makes me think this will be an explosive three or four round contest before someone gets brutally knocked out.

Toshiki Kawamitsu

I think Ginjiro Shigeoka will likely win by knockout after landing a big overhand left which will catch Kawamitsu when he’s being aggressive and trying to overwhelm the shorter Shigeoka. It should be a competitive brawl until that point however and both have futures win or lose in this fight.


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