Chris Colbert versus Tugstsogt Nyambayar breakdown

This is a good fight though it’s a shame Nyambayar has taken it on short notice instead of having a long camp. Both are skilled technical fighters though Colbert is more aggressive but seems to have less punching power.

Tugstsogt Nyambayar

Colbert has faster hands and is much more active which will likely be the difference in the fight leading to him winning by decision in an 8-4 type of fight.


2 thoughts on “Chris Colbert versus Tugstsogt Nyambayar breakdown

  1. Will you do a Liam Wilson – Joe Noynay breakdown? I am super excited about this fight and curious how you see it.


    1. Not sure i’ll do a full write up but my initial thoughts are that it should be a genuine 50/50. Wilson is the better boxer of the two but Noynay has an awkward southpaw style which is hard to prepare for as while he looks clumsy he still lands big left hands from weird angles. Noynay has a great record on the road and clearly has a lot more power than his record suggests. Noynay’s defence isn’t exactly great especially with getting his head off the center line but he’s got a chin to make up for it and has taken some massive punches with little noticeable effect. He’s coming off a long lay off but it shouldn’t be a huge problem as hes still only 25. Wilson struggled a bit with a southpaw in his last fight and has been hurt before so while he’s clearly better technically I can see Noynay stopping him after hurting him with a massive left hand after Wilson stays in range like hes apt to do even after punching. Wilson’s aggressiveness may play into Noynay’s hands as he won’t have to work hard to get his opponent in front of him. I’m going to go with Noynay winning by TKO in the seventh or eighth round after tagging Wilson hard with a big left potentially on the counter as he’ll have ample opportunity to do so. If it goes the distance I expect Wilson will have done enough to get the decision in the judges eyes due to home advantage but he’ll have to go through hell to get there. Could be wrong and Wilson blasts him out early due to ring rust and Noynay’s questionable defence but I personally don’t see that happening at all. Great fight


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