Jay Harris versus Ricardo Rafael Sandoval breakdown

This is a final eliminator for the IBF Flyweight title over twelve rounds. Jay Harris is 18-1 with 9 knockouts and put in a great performance versus WBC world champion Julio Cesar Martinez but ended up losing a decision. He’s bounced back with a win where he showed some ring rust and is now just one fight away from another title shot. Ricardo Rafael Sandoval is also 18-1 but has 13 knockouts. This is Sandoval’s first big step up and it’s coming on the road in England so to win here would be impressive.

Ricardo Rafael Sandoval

I think both fighters are fairly even skill wise and around the same height with similar power. I think Sandoval puts his punches together better but its yet to be seen if he can do that when facing better competition. Jay Harris doesn’t have a great defence but is more experienced and has shown he can keep going when it gets tough. I think Jay Harris will win a hard fought decision after twelve rounds due to his experience at the top level.


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