Claudio Gabriel Daneff versus Agustin Ezequiel Quintana breakdown

This is a good fight between two young Argentinian Lightweights who are looking to make statements to get them to the next level of competition. Daneff is 11-1-1 with seven knockouts while Quintana is 13-1-1 with nine knockouts.

Claudio Gabriel Daneff is a fighter who I think could make it past the domestic Argentinian level and potentially mix it up with some of the younger lightweights in America as an upset minded opponent. He has good upper body movement and is responsible defensively though the longer he goes in a fight the worse this gets presumably because he starts to tire. I’ve noticed he does switch off sometimes due to the fact hes much better than the people hes fighting. He doesn’t use the jab as a major tool in his arsenal and will only really throw it to disguise his left hook to the body which he loves to throw. He’ll also throw straight lefts to the body off a double jab and could use this more effectively if he occasionally switched it up to the head. Daneff makes up for not jabbing by always throwing in combination and being comfortable catching and countering his opponents both on the front and back foot. I don’t think he has one punch knockout power but clearly punches hard as his opponents react to his blows visibly.

Agustin Ezequiel Quintana is an orthodox fighter while Daneff is a southpaw. Quintana doesn’t have a huge amount of snap on his punches and isn’t a big puncher. His defence is reasonable but he pulls back in straight lines so gets hit by anyone coming forward or fighters who punch in combination. He has a counter punching style that hes relatively successful with. His hands are often low and hes especially vulnerable in exchanges because he doesn’t keep his hands up after punching.

Agustin Ezequiel Quintana

I think Claudio Gabriel Daneff will win this fight by knockout in the second half of the fight due to having a better offensive arsenal and also having the superior defence due to his upper body movement. His crisp punches should help him win exchanges and then as Quintana takes more and more punishment he should be able to finish the fight with scathing left hooks to the body.


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