Rentaro Kimura versus Hikaru Fukunaga breakdown

This is a good fight between two young fighters from Japan who have looked good so far in their careers. Rentaro Kimura is regarded as the better prospect of the two and has some expectations to make it past domestic level and become a world class contender.

Rentaro Kimura is very relaxed in the ring but clearly has power and wants to finish his fights. He’s a 5 ft 8 southpaw in the featherweight division which makes him fairly awkward to fight for people on a domestic level because it’s rare too see a tall southpaw in the division.

Hikaru Fukunaga is a good fighter but isn’t as technically good as Kimura and I don’t think has the potential that Kimura has. He was fairly soundly beaten by Jinki Maeda who is a good fighter himself and I’d be surprised if he fairs better in this fight.

I think Rentaro Kimura will win this fight by decision after six rounds due to being technically better along with his size combined with being a southpaw making it awkward for Fukunaga.


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