Chris Eubank Jr versus Marcus Morrison breakdown

This is in my opinion a mismatch as Eubank Jr has proved hes around world level and a good fighter while Morrison is really an English level fighter.

In his last fight Marcus Morrison was getting out boxed convincingly by a 40 year old Emanuele Blandamura until he managed to find a fight ending punch in the 9th round. He’s had two fights since against journeymen which is what the majority of his resume consists of.

Chris Eubank Jr isn’t the best fighter in the world but hes coming off two wins at world level and has proved hes got power and an unstoppable engine at world level which should see him win this fight comfortably.

Marcus Morrison

I think that Eubank Jr will wear Morrison down and stop him late on due to being levels above Morrison who can punch a bit but hasn’t fought at this level before and is being thrown to the wolves to an extent.


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