Miguel Marriaga versus Jorge Garcia Jimenez breakdown

Miguel Marriaga is back after suffering a loss to Joet Gonzalez which really put his career down a level. Before losing that fight he was used as Top Ranks go to guy for their fighters first title defence as he’s willing to tough it out and try to win but generally isn’t good enough to win versus truly world class fighters. In his last fight he lost to another contender and so now needs to build himself back up again. Jimenez was knocked out by a soft punching fighter in his last fight so I’d be surprised if he can hold up to Marriaga’s power for ten rounds.

Jorge Garcia Jimenez

I expect Miguel Marriaga to win by stoppage within five rounds due to his power and experience. He’ll likely be a top 20 featherweight giving tests to new prospects and contenders at this point but he can still make a career out of it.


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