Japan going into lockdown threatens Olympics again

In the last few weeks Japan has had a surge of Covid cases and decided to put measure into place to try and combat the new outbreak. Them doing this brings into question whether the Tokyo Olympics are actually going to take place. As of right now they have quite strict restrictions in place and its doubtful they’d want thousands of people from all around the world flying in while Covid cases are rising in the country.

A few Japanese boxing events are already looking like they may be cancelled and this should be a worry for all the athletes wanting to compete in this year’s games. It’s especially bad for the boxer’s who chose to stay in the amateurs and chase the Olympics dream as if the Olympics is cancelled then they would have wasted a year that they could have had in the pro’s progressing. It also takes away the signing bonuses that medalists often get from promoters after the Olympics.

Hopefully the Olympics go ahead and we get all the talent at the games into the pro ranks as soon as possible.


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