Michael Magnesi versus Khanyile Bulana breakdown

This is a nice fight between two unbeaten super featherweights who aren’t very well known. The fight is scheduled for twelve rounds for the IBO world title. While I don’t regard it as a real world title it can be used as a good stepping stone towards one of the main four belts.

Michael Magnesi is a come forward fighter who applies good pressure and has respectable power. He has decent timing and a good variety of punches. He goes to both the body and head with a focus on body work when his opponents get pushed to the ropes. He could cut the ring off better and could string his combinations together more fluidly but these aren’t massive problems at the level hes fighting at.

Khanyile Bulana has a very wide stance where he leans on his back foot while in a sort of half philly shell. He doesn’t throw a lot of punches and they don’t seem to have much snap on them at all. He doesn’t rush his work which is good but he is too passive for my liking.

Khanyile Bulana

I think Michael Magnesi will be able to push Khanyile Bulana back consistently and land big punches because Bulana doesn’t have any power on his punches and doesn’t throw enough. I think his wide stance will lead him awkwardly against the ropes where Magnesi will take advantage and stop him within seven or eight rounds after wearing him down for a while.


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