Issac Hardman versus Mark Lucas breakdown

This is a good fight between two domestic Australian middleweights who are looking to progress towards the top of the domestic ladder. Issac Hardman struggled a lot in his last fight but was still able to win and will learn a lot from a hard fight. Mark Lucas came back with a win after back to back losses in his last fight but hasn’t fought for over a year.

Issac Hardman is an aggressive fighter who throws a lot of punches but doesn’t have a great defence. He clearly has some power but needs to set it up a little bit more.

Mark Lucas is a decent technical boxer but doesn’t have much power. He also hasn’t fought for over a year and will probably struggle with the lay off especially with how aggressive Issac Hardman is.

Mark Lucas

I think Issac Hardman will win by stoppage in round eight or nine due to his volume of punches and power combined with Lucas’s long lay off.


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