Tony Harrison versus Bryant Perrella breakdown

This is a good comeback opponent for Harrison and a great opportunity for Perrella who I thought was unlucky to lose his last fight. Tony Harrison is an elite Super Welterweight and former WBC world champion. He’s got a great boxing skill set with some good power and is clearly world level at Super Welterweight.

Bryant Perrella is moving up from Welterweight for this fight however he was a massive Welterweight so moving up may help him as he won’t struggle to make weight anymore. He’s a good southpaw with good boxing skills on the back foot but likely isn’t as big of a puncher as Harrison.

Bryant Perrella

I personally think Tony Harrison will win by knockout in the seventh or eight round due to his superior boxing skills and power. The only fighters who beat him are ones that are big and physically strong and while Perrella is fairly tall I wouldn’t say hes that strong or powerful so he won’t be able to grind Harrison down.


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