Demetrius Andrade versus Liam Williams breakdown

This is an excellent fight in the middleweight division between two top 10 fighters who have struggled to get the attention of others in their division. Demetrius Andrade is 29-0 with 18 knockouts and currently holds the WBO middleweight world title. Liam Williams is 23-2-1 with 18 knockouts and is on a good run since losing to Liam Smith twice in a row.

Demetrius Andrade has a very awkward style and can be fairly unorthodox though has a good amateur background and clearly has boxing fundamentals. He’s a tall southpaw who can box which makes it very hard to beat him and hes shown in the past he can make simple come forward fighters look ordinary. His biggest fault lies in not being able to get the knockout after dominating or hurting his opponents early on and instead simply out boxes them for twelve rounds when the knockout was there to be taken.

Liam Williams is a very aggressive boxer who throws a lot of punches with extreme amounts of spite. Hes decent technically though I would favor Andrade over him just from pure boxing skills. Williams has more power and isn’t afraid to make the fight rough.

Liam Williams

While Liam Williams has been on a good run recently I still think Andrade has the skill set to out box him and win a decision. I think when Williams comes forward Andrade will counter and move. I’ve seen how hard it is to hit Andrade when he’s at his best and I think he’ll take this fight seriously as he wants a mega fight next.


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