Conor Benn versus Samuel Vargas breakdown

This is a good test for Conor Benn who has come on leaps and bounds in his recent fights. His last fight was one I really felt he could lose but instead he dominated for ten rounds and really showed his offensive arsenal. Samuel Vargas is a fringe world level fighter at Welterweight who has faced the best consistently throughout his career.

Both of these are come forward fighters with decent power. Both have showed decent chins though Vargas has shown the better chin as Benn has been put down by worse fighters however that was early in his career and it only happened in one fight. I think Conor Benn is better offensively and when he puts it together it’s very nice to watch as he puts body and head shots together with brutal intentions. His defence isn’t amazing but it’s better than given he is given credit for. Vargas has decent defence himself though relies on his chin a lot.

Samuel Vargas

I think Conor Benn will put in a performance similar to his last one and dominate due to the pace he sets and how good he is offensively. I don’t think Vargas fights as well off the back foot and will struggle to keep up.


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