Keita Obara versus Shoki Sakai breakdown

This is a solid domestic fight in Japan between two experienced fighters who have fought a lot of good competition throughout their careers. Obara has fought for a world title once and while he lost that fight in two rounds he rarely loses at domestic level. Shoki Sakai has had a strange career as he started his career in Mexico and fought the majority of the time either in Mexico or the USA even though hes Japanese. Over that time he compiled a record of 25-11-2. Towards the end of his time fighting in the America’s he became a journeyman for up and coming prospects but before that he pulled off a few upsets and proved he isn’t a bad fighter.

Shoki Sakai

I think this is an interesting fight because Obara is the better overall fighter but doesn’t have as good of a chin as Sakai and has been stopped by lesser punchers before. I personally believe Keita Obara will box his way to a decision win though I imagine the fight will be back and forth with a lot of action due to their styles.


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