Jamel Herring versus Carl Frampton breakdown

This is a good fight and one which will determine a lot in the Super Featherweight division. Carl Frampton is looking to become a three weight world champion and make history as Irelands first three weight world champion while Herring is looking to notch a signature win. If Jamel Herring wins this fight it’s likely he’ll move up in weight to attempt to become a two weight world champion while Carl Frampton will have to defend against Shakur Stevenson. If Herring doesn’t move up he’ll have to defend against Stevenson as well.

Herring is the bigger fight who is more suited to the weight class and has a nice jab with some decent boxing skills. Carl Frampton is the better fighter in his prime and at an optimum weight class but he is in neither of those for this fight. Herring may be older but hes bigger and hasn’t declined like Frampton has if anything hes got better with age.

Carl Frampton

I think after a competitive fight Jamel Herring will box his way to victory from the outside using his jab and size. Carl Frampton will have his moments but I think this is a step too far at this stage of his career.


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