Brad Foster versus Alvaro Rodriguez breakdown

This is a decent fight between Brad Foster who is a good domestic fighter who is working his way towards world level and Alvaro Rodriguez who has competed around the same level but hasn’t been as successful.

Brad Foster is good technically and throws in combination. He’s not the biggest puncher but works well to the body and in recent fights has started to hurt opponents. I think his style is good to watch as he pressures opponents and isn’t afraid to use old school tactics such as putting an elbow into an opponents face or trapping an arm and punching on the other side.

Alvaro Rodriguez will be on the back foot in this fight and when he is on the back foot he doesn’t throw a lot of punches and the ones he does throw are big ones that people can see coming. I don’t think hes technically that great and with only one knockout on his record he clearly isn’t a puncher.

Alvaro Rodriguez

I think Brad Foster will win a decision after ten rounds due to being technically better though a late stoppage wouldn’t surprise me.


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