Seiya Tsutsumi versus Tulio Dekanarudo breakdown

This is a good fight between two young Japanese Bantamweights. Seiya Tsutsumi has looked good as a pro and while hes 5-0-2 his two draws could easily be wins. His most recent fight against Daigo Higa who is a former world champion showed that hes not just a domestic prospect in Japan and is already fringe world level. Tulio Dekanarudo is 3-1-1 but is better than his record suggests. His loss is a first round knockout to an unheralded Filipino Super Flyweight however that loss may not look that bad depending on how Ken Jordan does in the future.

Tulio Dekanarudo

I think Seiya Tsutsumi will be able to use his combinations which he puts together really well to beat Tulio Dekanarudo by knockout. Tsutsumi has proven himself at a level above Dekanarudo and I expect him to win this fight before progressing on to bigger fights.


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