Pavel Silyagin versus Azizbek Abdugofurov breakdown

This is an excellent fight in the Super Middleweight division between two technically gifted fighters who also have a decent amount of power. Pavel Silyagin has been pro for slightly over a year and has already got a record of 6-0. Abdugofurov has been a pro for almost 5 years and is 13-0.

Pavel Silyagin will try and use his good jab to dominate the fight and especially early on I think this will work as Abdugofurov hasn’t fought since 2019 while Silyagin has been active. Silyagin is very good technically though is a very stiff fighter. This has worked for him so far and because of his jab people struggle to land the big punches against him. Abdugofurov is much more fluid in how he boxes but also doesn’t throw as many punches. He’s mostly a counter puncher who throws a lot of hooks to the body.

Azizbek Abdugofurov

I think Pavel Silyagin will win this fight by decision due to his jab and his recent activity in the ring compared to Abdugofurov who hasn’t fought in over a year.


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