Lawrence Okolie versus Krzysztof Glowacki breakdown

This is an excellent fight in the Cruiserweight division for the vacant WBO world title. Lawrence Okolie has been steadily progressing since 2017 when he turned pro after a short amateur career which saw him compete in the 2016 Olympic games after only a few years of boxing. Krzysztof Glowacki has been a world champion twice in a 12 year long career. He’s fought a very good level of competition and has only lost twice with one of those losses being controversial.

Lawrence Okolie has a horrible style to fight and often to watch. He’ll stay on the outside and throw a few punches then when his opponents try and get on the inside he’ll grab hold of them and wait for the ref to break them up. He’s been heavily criticized for this and has been working on not clinching so often though this fight will be the big test too see if his style has changed. He’s got a lot of power and is huge for the weight which sees him tower over almost any other Cruiser weight.

Krzysztof Glowacki throws punches from awkward angles and is a world class southpaw which isn’t something Okolie would have seen before. He has respectable power and is fairly technically sound. He may be slightly past his best at this point due to his age and also how long hes been out of the ring. He hasn’t fought for almost two years and in his last fight was badly knocked out after taking an illegal elbow to the face.

Krzysztof Glowacki

I think Lawrence Okolie will win by stoppage due to catching Glowacki coming in early when hes not warmed up. I think the ring rust will effect Glowacki badly. Okolie has a style which Glowacki hasn’t seen before and while its an ugly style it is an effective one due to his size.


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