Talgat Shayken versus Evgeny Pavko breakdown

Like a few other people on this card Shayken is taking a big step up in competition by taking on the hard hitting Evgeny Pavko. Shayken is only 20 but seems to be a very talented young fighter who has looked perfect as a pro since leaving his successful amateur career behind.

I think this fight will come down to talent and also ring rust both of which Shayken has an advantage in. While he’s only 3-0 Shayken is immensely talented and has also had his entire pro career in the last six months while Pavko hasn’t fought for over a year. Pavko is a good fighter but I don’t think he’ll be able to use his experience too much in this fight as its only an eight rounder.

Evgeny Pavko

I believe Talgat Shayken will win this fight by decision because he is the more talented and also more active fighter.


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