Anthony Dirrell versus Kyrone Davis breakdown

On paper you’d say this was a mismatch as it’s a middleweight who’s lost two fights at Super Welterweight moving up to Super Middleweight and facing a former world champion but I think this could be competitive. Anthony Dirrell is a former world champion and has a lot of skill though at 36 is also coming towards the end of a long career. Dirrell went pro in 2005 and while he’s not completely washed I do think hes on the decline and Davis who is in his prime at 26 could potentially spring an upset.

Kyrone Davis

Even though Dirrell is fading and hasn’t fought for a year I still think he has the skill set and experience gained against world class opponents to beat Kyrone Davis who has never shown he can compete at world level. The fight will likely be competitive but Dirrell should win a decision.


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