Fedor Chudinov versus Isaac Chilemba breakdown

This is a solid fight and if Chudinov wins then it’s a good scalp on his resume and likely the last fight he takes before he gets another big fight in the Super Middleweight division. Isaac Chilemba has been competing at the top of the Light Heavyweight division for around seven years though has struggled to pick up many big wins. At this point in his career hes being used as a good test and name on people’s resume. His is moving down to Super Middleweight and is big for the weight at 6ft 2.

Fedor Chudinov is a come forward fighter with a decent jab when he chooses to use it. When he gets close in he throws combinations and really lets his hands go however he does spend periods of his fights just standing in range but not throwing. He’ll keep pressuring for twelve rounds and has an iron chin so will walk through almost anything. He has decent power but isn’t a huge one punch KO artist.

Isaac Chilemba is a very awkward fighter who can make most of his opponents look bad though hasn’t won when its mattered. He’s not a big puncher and isn’t especially active when hes in the ring. His defence is very good and he clearly has a solid chin. I think hes good fundamentally but doesn’t take enough risks to beat his opponents who are coming forward which influences the judges.

Isaac Chilemba

I think Fedor Chudinov will win a decision after ten rounds due to walking through Chilemba’s punches and landing the more eye catching punches. I also highly doubt that in a close fight Chilemba’s back foot awkward style will be rewarded.


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