David Avanesyan versus Josh Kelly breakdown

This is one of the best fights of the weekend and one i’m really looking forward too. David Avanesyan has revived his career by going on a crusade in Spain against every Welterweight they have while Josh Kelly has struggled versus Ray Robinson and a few other opponents who weren’t great.

David Avanesyan is a come forward fighter who throws a lot of punches and keeps a solid pace. He’s a decent puncher but not a one punch KO artist. I think hes good fundamentally but is unlikely to out box the best fighters at Welterweight.

David Avanesyan

Josh Kelly had a huge amount of hype coming out of the amateurs and early in his career showed flashes of brilliance but as he stepped up the competition some of his flaws were exposed which is why he’s seen as an underdog in this fight. He’s technically good though has a bit of an unorthodox style. His defence and stamina has been questionable in the past but I think these issues would have been fixed for this fight as otherwise he wouldn’t be taking it after pulling out of the fight so many times.

Using recent form you’d lean towards Avanesyan but I get the feeling Josh Kelly is starting to put it all together and is much better now than his past performances suggest. I don’t necessarily think Avanesyan has improved and while he’s had some good results recently its hard to forget when he was stopped by Egis Kavaliauskas. I think Josh Kelly will use his skills and size advantage to box himself to a decision victory and show he can make a run in the star studded welterweight division.


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