Florian Marku versus Rylan Charlton breakdown

This is an excellent fight and one I see as a relative 50/50. Florian Marku had looked impressive until his last fight where I thought a lack of urgency rather than a lack of skill hurt him. Though the fight was declared a draw I thought Marku did enough to win and should currently be 8-0. Rylan Charlton came out of seemingly no where and caused a big upset versus Joe Laws last time out and will be looking to do the same here.

Florian Marku is decent technically though as I said the last time I was previewing one of his fights he hasn’t fully transitioned into a more traditional boxing style which will hurt him as he goes up the levels. His defence consists of him holding a high guard and not moving while waiting for his opponents to stop punching. He’s good offensively and very clearly hits hard as even the opponents he hasn’t stopped hes hurt multiple times.

Rylan Charlton showed a lot in his last fight and seems to have improved from the footage i’d watched. He’s clearly got some power though I also think Joe Laws doesn’t have a great chin and got caught early and cold. He’s a very compact fighter with a nice jab and a bit like Marku his defence mostly consists of a high guard. He very rarely throws straight punches and instead loves to wing in hook after hook sometimes in three or four punch combinations.

Rylan Charlton

I think this is going to be an all out war for ten rounds with neither giving an inch. I honestly can’t split them as both use high guards and throw big punches in combinations. In my opinion the fight will likely be a draw though Charlton winning a decision wouldn’t surprise me as hes more compact and lets his punches go more while Marku can sometimes get complacent and almost forget to throw punches.


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