Carlos Ocampo versus Abraham Juarez

This isn’t a horrible fight as while Ocampo is a good fighter he isn’t at world level yet so still needs solid tests like this. Abraham Juarez is turning into a journeyman but is durable unless facing top prospects and so this will be a good barometer for how good Ocampo is. I don’t judge him too harshly for getting KO’d by Spence in a round as he was young and against a fighter who most people now regard as one the top 10 best fighters on the planet.

I expect Ocampo to use his size and power advantages to wear Juarez down until he gets a stoppage between round 7 and 9. I don’t think Juarez has the technical skills or the power to trouble Ocampo though if he can make Ocampo get over confident he can perhaps catch him with a good shot or tire him out and then take over late in the fight.


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