Amir Khan versus Kell Brook is past it’s sell by date

Khan versus Brook has been talked about for the best part of a decade but due to many reason’s it’s never came to fruition. In boxing we sometimes don’t get the fights that we want and while thats a major downside to the sport it’s inevitable when theres nothing forcing fighters to fight each other.

With saying all that you’d think I would be ecstatic that we are potentially going to get a fight we’ve all wanted for years however the opposite could not be more true. Khan and Brook are very much in the limelight of their careers and if compared to the life cycle of a milk bottle would be at the stage where it’s coagulated and the only acceptable thing to do with it is to throw it away and get a new one. This is where i’m at with Khan-Brook, they’re old, past their best and we now have new boxers who have taken their place in everything but name value. We don’t need to see whatever shambles of a fight takes place between these two broken and weary men but if you know even a little about boxing’s torrid history then like me you’ll bet on it taking place.

It’s not hard to work out what this fight is all about and no matter what promotional spin that Hearn comes out with it all comes down to rinsing the British public one last time which with the damage they’ve taken in their careers you can’t blame them too much for. We’ve seen this before with David Haye versus Tony Bellew where Haye knew he was done but needed a payday to see him into retirement and Bellew while having recently become a world champion was searching for a retirement check which he found in those two fights. Khan-Brook won’t do as well as the previously mentioned fight but with the right promotion it still makes sense money wise and that combined with neither of them having any good options anymore leads me to believe this fight will happen sometime this year on PPV.

Kell Brook

I personally believe this fight was past its sell by date years ago and shouldn’t really be made as it encourages other fighters to not fight each other because they know once all other options are exhausted they can pull the “washed Brit v Brit” card and make enough to sail into the sunset. If Brook and Khan had fought in their primes they would have made much more money but unfortunately ego stopped them then and I would hope would stop them now.

Amir Khan

If the fight happens the only reason to watch will be for comedic purposes as i’m sure the build up will be entertaining and with both Khan and Brook being washed it should be a calamity of a fight for however long it lasts. One day perhaps boxing will stop squeezing every drop of revenue they can from its fighters and their broken bodies but it certainly won’t be any time soon.


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