Devis Boschiero versus Samuel Gonzalez breakdown

While on paper this fight looks like a bit of a tune up bout for Boschiero I think this fight will be competitive and may even feature an upset.

Devis Boschiero

Both fighters are decent technically and have proved at this stage of their career’s that they are decent fighters. The real story of this fight is that Boschiero is moving up to Lightweight while Gonzalez is moving down from Super Lightweight. This means Gonzalez should have a size advantage and I’ve seen him get hit clean by big 140 pounders and he wasn’t bothered so I doubt Boschiero will be able to hurt him at all. Another thing is that Boschiero hasn’t fought for over a year and is now 39 while Gonzalez is 32 and got a hard eight rounds in just a few months ago. While Boschiero might be better technically I think these other factors really even the fight up and you just never know when a fighters going to rapidly decline and for Boschiero I think thats likely due to the lay off and his advancing age.

Samuel Gonzalez

I think Samuel Gonzalez will win by stoppage as hes a decent puncher and is the younger fighter who has fought more recently which means he won’t have any rust. Boschiero has had a good long career but eventually everybody goes over the metaphorical cliff and I think this fight will be his.


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