Charles Conwell versus Madiyar Ashkeyev breakdown

This is a true 50/50 fight as both are rising prospects with excellent technical skills and good amateur backgrounds. Charles Conwell is going on a good run right now and is really testing himself considering hes only 23 and 13 fights in. Ashkeyev is 32 and needs to start putting big wins together as he’s only 14-0 and isn’t close to a world title.

I think Conwell has more power and also has a hard style to deal with as he can box in different styles and has a good defence which is layered as he slips and catches punches while also using good head movement. He puts a real focus on the body and is a spiteful combination puncher. He also has an excellent jab and hasn’t really shown many flaws so far. In his last fight he sometimes waited too long to punch but still got a comfortable stoppage in the 9th round against another undefeated prospect.

Madiyar Ashkeyev is good fundamentally but lacks the power that Conwell possesses. I think he has a solid jab and clearly has some talent. He’s not the most active puncher and isn’t that creative offensively but hes still very capable. His defence also seems to be solid and so far hes breezed through the competition hes faced.

Madiyar Ashkeyev

This should be a very competitive fight which could go either way. I lean towards a Conwell decision because of his power and solid defence but an upset wouldn’t surprise me all that much. Charles Conwell is coming up the hard way even after having an extensive amateur career which is annoying to see as he should be signed by a big network with how talented he is.


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