Kevin Lele Sadjo versus Ronny Landaeta breakdown

This should be a competitive bout between rising Super Middleweight contender Kevin Lele Sadjo and gatekeeper Ronny Landaeta. The fight will be contested over ten rounds in the Super Middleweight division.

Kevin Lele Sadjo is powerful and clearly has a lot of physical strength as well. He keeps a high guard up and is defensively responsible. I like his work to the body and how consistent he is with it. I think hes competent technically but his style is much more seek and destroy rather than attempting to out box his opponents. His chin and stamina have looked good so far though this is the biggest test of his career.

Ronny Landaeta is a solid fighter who has lost in his two fights outside of Spain though both were close defeats. He’s a come forward fighter for the most part with a good gas tank. Hes average technically and doesn’t have the punching power of Sadjo though is still a decent puncher himself. He is 37 years old and hasn’t been active in recent years so may have some rust he needs to shake off in this fight.

Ronny Landaeta

I think Kevin Lele Sadjo will win by knockout in the second half of the fight after a competitive opening. As the rounds go on his power and body work will break down the older Landaeta enough for him to get a stoppage.


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