Errol Spence Jr versus Danny Garcia breakdown

This is the fight i’m most looking forward to this week as Spence Jr is one of the best fighters in the sport and Danny Garcia is a top Welterweight.

Errol Spence Jr is good both on the inside and boxing on the outside. He throws a high volume of punches and normally has good ring IQ. He possesses good power though a lot of stoppages have come from his relentless work rate where he somehow never gets tired. His chin has held up so far in his career and while Garcia was a decent puncher at Super Lightweight his power hasn’t really carried up with him to Welterweight.

Danny Garcia doesn’t throw a huge amount of punches and can fight to the level of his competition a bit. He’s got good looping hooks which not many people throw anymore and is all round good technically like all the top welterweights are. He’s got good power and a great chin. The biggest flaw he has is that he can never put a solid twelve rounds together. He either starts off well and fades late or starts slow and comes on late in the fight. This has led to him having close fights with almost every top opponent hes faced and I can’t expect it to be any different in this fight.

Danny Garcia

If Errol Spence Jr is the same as before the car crash then I expect him to beat Danny Garcia due to his work rate and the fact that he can put a solid twelve rounds together while we know Garcia will give away rounds at some point in the fight. I think Spence has the Ring IQ to not stay at mid range versus Garcia and to either box him from the outside or out work and out hustle him in the pocket. If the Car crash has effected Spence badly then Garcia will win but until they get in the ring we just won’t know.


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