Apichet Petchmanee versus Musheg Adoian 2 breakdown

The first fight between these two was fun and action packed though the result was very controversial which is why they are running it back. While the first fight was competitive Adoian knocked Petchmanee down and to most people did more than enough to win a decision. Unfortunately for him the judges saw it differently and gave Petchmanee the victory.

I think this fight could play out similarly to the first one but with it being over ten rounds a more definite winner can be crowned. Petchmanee has faced a good level of competition in his career so far but hasn’t looked great in many of his fights even though when he turned pro he was expected to do big things.

I think Musheg Adoian will win a decision after ten rounds if the judges aren’t corrupt as in most peoples eyes he was the clear winner of the first fight and I can’t see how much can change in only a few months.


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