Tony Yoka versus Christian Hammer breakdown

This is a good measuring fight for Yoka though not one I think he’ll struggle with. Tony Yoka won a gold medal at the 2016 Olympics and after an unimpressive start to his pro career he now now looks like one of the best prospects in the heavyweight division. Christian Hammer is a decent European operator but loses when he steps up in competition and hes done that consistently.

In his recent fights Yoka has looked more aggressive and seems to be sitting down on his punches more. His defence isn’t bad for a heavyweight and being a 2016 Olympic medalist shows hes got good technical skills. He’s also rising in the division while Hammer is morphing into a gatekeeper at this point.

Christian Hammer is a decent fighter when hes facing someone around his level but when he steps up in competition he barely throws punches and just keeps a high guard trying to survive which he has done with differing levels of success.

Christian Hammer

I think Tony Yoka will win this fight in the fourth or fifth round as he’ll throw his punches around Hammer’s high guard. I don’t think Hammer will throw many punches and won’t try to make it competitive as he’ll go into survival mode like a turtle does when threatened.


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