Jack Rafferty versus Tom Hill breakdown

This is the first big step up for Jack Rafferty as so far he has mostly been fighting journeymen and in doing so built a 12-0 record. Tom Hill is 9-1 but lost in his first big test.

Jack Rafferty has a good one two and unlike a lot of prospects throws a variety of different uppercuts both short and long. His defence is solid as he keeps a high guard up and does a lot of catching and countering. He could jab a bit more but otherwise seems like a good combination puncher with a bit of power.

Tom Hill is a good technical boxer himself and has a decent jab when he can get it going but is flawed defensively. He keeps his chin high and often drops his hands below his chin so hes open for punches. He has a little power himself and works well to the body.

Tom Hill

I think Jack Rafferty will likely win by knockout late on due to Tom Hill’s defensive flaws though if hes fixed them this will be a close fight.


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