Zhilei Zhang versus Devin Vargas breakdown

This is a tune up fight for Zhang who recently signed a promotional contract with Matchroom. Devin Vargas is a journeyman heavyweight at this point who isn’t best known for his durability.

Zhilei Zhang is a tall southpaw who has good technical skills due to his extensive amateur background. Hes a decent puncher and even in the fights he’s gone the distance hes shown he has good power. When he’s in shape he seems to have decent stamina and while hes been down before I think his chin is solid for a heavyweight.

Devin Vargas is quite clearly past his prime and has came into this fight heavier than usual so I suspect he hasn’t been training that hard. He doesn’t have great punch resistance and body shots especially effect him. I don’t think he has the skills to get on the inside of Zhang and make it a hard fight.

I think Zhang will win by knockout within six or so rounds because of his technical skills and power which should be more than enough to stop Vargas who isn’t known for going the distance.


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