Qais Ashfaq versus Marc Leach breakdown

This is a good test for Ashfaq who should be aiming to move beyond domestic level within his next two or three fights. Marc Leach is on a good run of form but this is his biggest step up in competition yet.

Qais Ashfaq is a 2016 Olympian and has a good amateur background. He has good footwork and his balance is probably his biggest strength. Hes a decent counter puncher but can put the pressure on if he hurts his opponent. He’s not a big puncher even at domestic level but makes up for it in boxing skill.

Marc Leach has good footwork himself and while hes not a big puncher he hits harder than his record suggests. He rarely pulls back in straight lines and instead circles off his opponent meaning its hard to catch him. He uses feints to try and get his opponents to throw while he holds the center of the ring. He’s not particularly accurate and keeps his hands low a lot relying on his reaction speed.

Marc Leach

I think Qais Ashfaq will win a decision because hes more accurate and technically is better than Leach who’s punches are sometimes wide.


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